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The Enterprise Usability Level

According to Jakob Nielsen in his article “Enterprise Usability“, the enterprise usability is part of three levels of usability: Individual Users. When we have a single-user design for a website, software applications, and consumer devices, its means a single user interacts/operates with a user interface. Most of the applications are focus in this level, because it has the most direct impact on screen design. Groups of Users. When, the design’s usability depends… Read Article →

Usability Problems

To determine whether a software system has usability problems, we must start with understanding:  “What it is usability?” According to: Dictionary. Usability is derived from the word “useable” which means; adjective. 1. available or convenient for use.  2. capable of being used. ISO 9241. The effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction with which specified users achieve specified goals in particular environments. Effectiveness. the accuracy and completeness with which specified users can achieve specified goals… Read Article →