Integrate Organic Design to Software Systems

Seeing a Cosmetic Website I found this name “Ross Lovegrove” is a designer and visionary that based all his design inspires in nature, also his designs are considered futuristics.

I started looking for information about Ross Lovegrove and I found interesting information about his work, also a TED video about “Organic design, inspired by nature” in where you can see his laboratory (I know that the video was in 2005, but It’s beautiful see the lab design).

Something that caught my attention was an idea that not only satisficed a user need like transportation (logical), also have an environment impact (emotional) [1]. The idea is a three-wheeled solar car that in its back has a solar panel when you stop to drive and got out of the car; the car is lifting up and presents the solar panel to the sun, and at night, it’s converting into a street lamp.

See the images:

Three-wheeled solar car


Do you think that is possible to integrate “Organic Design” to Software Systems?

For example, Menu Trees is a good representation of an “Organic Design”.



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